Citigroup to lay off unvaccinated Covid-19 employees in the US

O Citigroup vai demitir funcionários não vacinados contra Covid-19 a partir deste mês nos EUA

Citigroup will fire unvaccinated employees against Covid-19 starting this month in the US| Photo: EFE/Justin Lane

)The banking group Citigroup, one of the largest in the United States, will fire this month employees who do not get vaccinated against Covid-15, according to a document that the American press had access to on Friday.

Citigroup has given a deadline until 14 January for employees to get vaccinated or apply for an exemption on religious, medical or legal grounds. Anyone who fails to do so will be suspended without pay on the day 15 and officially fired at the end of the month, according to the document distributed to the employees.

2022 According to a spokesperson, more than 90% of the approximately 65 One thousand Citigroup employees in the US have already been vaccinated.

The group, the third largest in the country in terms of assets, is the first of the country’s large financial entities to plan layoffs of unvaccinated. In October, Citigroup had already said that it would require all employees to be vaccinated based on government directive that requires contractors to have workers vaccinated, but had not announced that there would be layoffs.

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