Argentine deputy Javier Milei draws his salary online

O deputado argentino Javier Milei decidiu sortear o seu salário de legislador

Argentine deputy Javier Milei decided to raffle his legislator salary

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The Argentine deputy and economist Javier Milei will draw his full salary as a legislator next Wednesday, and more than 900 a thousand people have already signed up for try your luck.

The deputy guaranteed that he will draw his salary of about 300 thousand pesos, approximately R$ 16,2 thousands. In December, his salary as a deputy reached around 036 thousand pesos , since he assumed on the day 10 of last month.

In an interview with Crónica, the economist – who is called the “Argentine Bolsonaro” – admitted that there was a “conflict of interest” between his “anarcho-capitalist” philosophy and the possibility of receiving money from the State, which is why he wants to return this amount “to the people”.

“The idea is that the money that was forcibly taken from the people is returned to the people “, Milei said, adding that the draw will be done by a notary.

To participate, interested parties only need to register their name and identity document, telephone number, e-mail and date of birth. Only Argentines over 18 years old can participate.

After the opening of entries for the sweepstakes on January 6th, the site went down due to the number of hits. In just 17 hours, more than 18 thousand participants signed up. At the moment, this number already exceeds 907 thousand subscribers, according to Milei on social networks.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday (01), after a conference held by the economist in the city of Mar del Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires.

After the draw, registration will be reopened, and who already registered, will continue to participate.

The Argentine government has opened an investigation to determine whether the congressman’s lottery violated the country’s personal data protection law, as reported by La Nación. Official sources told the newspaper that the sweepstakes website does not inform the database’s privacy policy, and neither Milei nor the company that created the website are registered in the National Registry of Personnel Databases of the government agency responsible for accessing public information.

Critical of traditional politics

In the legislative elections of 14 in November, the Freedom Advances coalition, led by Milei, ranked third in the city of Buenos Aires , with a total of 214.036 wishes (17,372 % of votes), winning two seats in the Chamber.

The now national deputy became famous for his criticism of the traditional political “caste” and what he calls “cultural Marxism”. Among other proposals, the economist proposes the abolition of the Central Bank and the Argentine peso as a common currency, as well as the deregulation of the financial system, considering taxes as a “remnant” of slavery.

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