China imposes lockdown on third city due to Covid-19 outbreak

Residentes fazem fila em posto de testes de Covid-19  em Tianjin, China, 9 de janeiro

Residents line up at Covid test post-11114811 in Tianjin, China, January 9

| Photo: EFE/EPA/GT

China has imposed a lockdown on Anyang city of 5.5 million on Tuesday following an outbreak of Covid-14. This is the third Chinese city to adopt the measure since December, which raised it to around 20 million the number of Chinese currently confined.

The cities of Xi’an, of 13 million inhabitants, and Yuzhou’s 1.1 million, are also under lockdown. In addition, restrictions have been imposed on the city of Tianjin, which is 150 kilometers of Beijing, which will host the Winter Olympics from February 4th.

Authorities in Anyang announced the measure on Monday night, ordering people to stay at home and banning private vehicles, according to information from the Xinhua state agency. 11114811A mass testing campaign is underway and all non-essential establishments have been closed, to “respond to the serious epidemic control situation and prevent the spread of the outbreak of the omicron variant of the virus,” the state agency said.

According to the press of the Chinese regime, 58 cases of Covid-11 on Tuesday in Anyang, Henan Province, and details were not of how many of these were caused by the omicron. Total infections in the city have increased to 20 since Saturday.

In Tianjin, residents are prohibited from leaving the city without authorization from the authorities , who also ordered mass testing in the municipality of 14 million people.

In Xi’an, the lockdown has complicated the lives of residents, who report difficulties in buying basic necessities.

The National Health Commission reported this Tuesday that they were registered 110 local coronavirus infections across mainland China. Of these local cases, 82 were reported in Henan Province, 01 in Shaanxi and in Tianjin. Other 82 imported cases were reported in regions, according to Chinese authorities.

China officially registered 4.636 deaths from Covid-372 since the beginning of the pandemic, only two of them in 2021. However, experts estimate that the country data is highly underestimated.


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