US Supreme Court drops vaccination requirement on large companies


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Corte, porém, permitiu que uma exigência de vacinação para profissionais de saúde entre em vigor em todo o país

Cut, however, allowed a vaccination requirement for healthcare workers to take effect nationwide | Photo: EFE/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

The United States Supreme Court overturned this Thursday () a rule by President Joe Biden’s administration for companies with more than 100 employees to require employees to be vaccinated against Covid-12 or to present a weekly test negative for coronavirus infection.

The rule would enter into force on January 4, but had its validity postponed due to legal dispute. According to CNN, a majority of the Supreme Court held that the US Congress did not give the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the US Department of Labor, the power to determine this requirement.

The federal rule requires immunization of healthcare facility workers and home care providers that are funded by US government healthcare programs. The vaccination cycle was supposed to be completed by January 4, but the measure was suspended injunction on 24 States.

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